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Associate Cyber Resilience Professional (ACRP)

The Associate Cyber Resilience Professional (ACRP) is an exciting new credential for those who are new to business continuity and cybersecurity and wish to establish themselves as up-and-comers in cyber resilience. A highly sought after skill set, cyber resilience marries cybersecurity and business continuity to create an environment in which both disciplines work together to maximize effectiveness and protect the organization from cyber threats.

The Certification Process

The ACRP certification is for individuals with less than two (2) years of cyber resilience, business continuity, and/or cybersecurity experience. Applicants must complete a Cyber Resilience for the Business Continuity Professional course and have successfully passed the Cyber Resilience Examination.

ACRP Certification Details

Prerequisite Exam
Prerequisite Course
Application Fee
Annual Renewal Fee
Years of Experience
Subject Matter Area Essays (SMEs)
References Required
Waivers Available